Our Mission If We Choose To Accept It & We Have



Is to be available to the  community as a complete resource that engages, informs and gets residents proactive in supporting local  business and charities. Our goal is to create revenue, awareness and a sense of responsibility and purpose for both the individual, local businesses and the community as a whole,

Our Values:  Taste of Temecula values have been rooted in supporting local business in our Valley while giving the community a go-to source for information and media that enhances our overall quality of life.

Our Vision:  To be a resource for Temecula Valley residents, local businesses and charities on a multitude of platforms while making a difference by giving, contributing, and supporting our local community.

 Our Promise  -   …just as a fine wine matures with age, so shall TOT!  We will always stay true to you – Temecula, by constantly finding ways to make our community better and better.  The economy is presenting families with opportunities to do more locally which has also brought us all closer! So many families are eating at home now in an effort to save money, but funny how that has also created more quality time with family and friends. Taste of Temecula has worked on being a valuable resource for Temecula residents, local businesses and charities on a multitude of levels.  We strive to enhance the quality of life for our locals while we contribute and support our residents’ needs with our social online magazine becoming a valued resource rooted in this valley. What better way to focus our efforts then on your family and friend time with appetizing meals and treats making your time in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. We hope you look foward to TOT bringing you our valleys finest chefs…some  directly into your kitchen via the internet. 

We have started our Wine & Dine Pairing Videos,  Recipes & How To Videos featuring Local Chefs with Special Cooking Classes, “Spicing for Life” featuring The Spice Merchant and helping to  educate  and motivate you to challenge your culinary skills while bringing family & friends together around the dining table. Just log on and try some truly fabulous recipes that everyone’s sure to love!! All we ask in return is you send a little love our way…Taste of Temecula  has a heart for Temecula Valley and it shows – Eat, Drink & Be Merry!

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