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When the night is crisp and cloudy with a slight chill factor winding through it, a great place to warm up next to the artistic sounds of some great music while enjoying decadent chocolates from all over the world, champagnes from Napa, Spain, and France, and three cheeses that pair well with them can only be found at the Temecula Wine Company’s champagne, chocolate, and cheese event.

The doors open to a delicately lit, two room wine bar surrounded by several four top tables and the cozy couches that accessorize them with the comforts of home for all customers and consumers of the excellent wines the Temecula Wine Company provides.  Entrance from one room to the next leads away from the bar and into a wine shopping experience with additional seating and a rather spacious area for the band to set up and play.

This particular evening is December tenth and the event begins with the punch card handouts, the selection of your gorgeous champagne glass and the initial visit to the champagne tables, featuring the dry concoctions Napa, Spain, and France are so brilliant at creating.

Young’s Marketing Company brought in the twelve choice champagnes and the owner of The Temecula Wine Company supplied the chocolates and cheeses to be paired alongside them.  I gathered together my bundle of chocolate, my platter of cheeses and crackers and began my journey from Napa to Spain to France and back again.

Along the way, I learned quite a bit about champagne.  California tends to have more lemon and citrus flavors in their Champagnes and champagne (or sparkling wine as it is known as anywhere other than France) is wine fermented a second time inside the bottle.  So, when champagne is labeled Brut Rose – it means that it is a chardonnay and Pinot Noir, when it is labeled Blanc de Noirs – it is a white to red, Chardonnay to Pinot Noir, and when it is Blanc de Blanc – it is white to white and Chardonnay.

My glass was lightly filled with a taste of each of the twelve champagnes throughout the evening.  I began with the Mirabelle Brut Rose and was pleased with its honey start and crisp, refreshing finish.  The Mirabelle Brut had a fruity smell to it and tasted of green apples and was tart on the tongue.  I noticed that when some of the cheeses were tasted alongside this particular champagne, the tart taste mellowed and the two complimented one another greatly.

When I came to the Domaine Carneros Brut Rose, I noticed the beautiful pink rose color it possessed, I smelled its flowery bouquet, and I tasted its wonderful palette pleasing liquids and I savored every moment of it.  I felt the same (and then some) about the Juve de Camp Rose.  This one was my favorite of the evening.  It is pink to a light red in color, extremely bubbly (a trait not often noted) and was sweet on the tip of the tongue but dry throughout.  When paired with the triple cream cheese and crackers, this is a force to be reckoned with.

With twelve champagnes, bits and pieces of chocolates from all over the world, and three different cheeses to be tasted; I surely had my work cut out for me.  But, what a glorious night spent tasting and learning about three things we really should not live without.  The evening commenced at six pm sharply and was to end around nine pm.  People trickled in and out throughout the evening and some left and came back again with friends.  It was definitely an evening to share, very peaceful, not formal, but very classy.  The Temecula Wine Company often shares events such as these so, if you are ever out and about and in the neighborhood of 29073 Overland Drive Suite A in Temecula, California, drop in and take a look around, have a taste and maybe even make a purchase.  Tell them Taste of Temecula sent you and we say they are great!

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